About University 100

University 100 is a unique and important program at the University of Prince Edward Island. With classes strategically capped at 25 students, instructors have been helping students make a strong and rewarding transition from secondary to post-secondary education for the past 20 years.

University 100 provides a valuable introduction to the University and equips students with key tools such as critical thinking, communication and research skills.

Nature and Goals of the Course

  • Introduce 1st-year students to UPEI & university studies
  • Develop study & research skills
  • Enhance oral & written communication
  • Encourage the growth of self-knowledge & self-discovery
  • Develop an awareness of the University, past & present

Results of the Course

Providing new students with a combination of skills, personal support and opportunities to grow and learn in the context of a welcoming environment can have lasting and positive outcomes. Data collected since the inception of the course suggests that University 100/103 students are far more likely to return as 2nd-year students!

University 103

University 103 is a three semester-hour course based on the successful University 100 offering. A condensed version of University 100, it helps students adjust more quickly to the new culture of university. Students are actively engaged in the process of independent or critical thinking, active learning, campus involvement, and self-reflection.

Sample Topics Covered in University 100 & University 103

  • Setting goals: planning your semester and university career
  • Managing your time and handling the transition between high school and university
  • Exploring career opportunities/forming career plans and developing self-awareness
  • Reading and studying: reading university textbooks, note-taking at lectures and finding the balance between class notes and textbooks
  • Study skills and tips on taking tests
  • Researching and writing: the writing process, conducting research, academic and creative writing
  • Developing critical thinking & communication skills
  • Personal health and wellness

University 103W

UNIVERSITY 103W ONLINE is designed to enhance successful integration into university studies.

Conducted entirely online, it provides greater flexibility for students in today’s fast-paced and sometimes hectic environment.

If you are involved in sports or other extracurricular activities, have a job and/or family commitments, or just enjoy new ways to learn, UNIVERSITY 103W may be a convenient choice for you.

The course introduces university-level communication skills, critical thinking, and a variety of practical studentship skills.

A convenient new choice for successful integration into UPEI!  The University of Prince Edward Island was the first university in Canada to adapt an already-existing 1st-year experience credit course online. University 103W first ran as a pilot in 1998. The course introduces university-level communication skills, critical thinking, and a variety of studentship skills.

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