Robertson Library

The Robertson Library is the major research library for Prince Edward Island and at a cost of $3.5 million, it was officially opened on September 27, 1975, and was named for Dr. Samuel Napier Robertson, Principal of Prince of Wales College from 1901 to 1937.

The library for St. Dunstan’s College was originally located in the Kelley Memorial Building but a new and larger location was needed to accommodate the needs and resources required by the larger student population of UPEI, so on Dec. 18, 1974, students, faculty and the Maintenance Department moved the amalgamated collections of St. Dunstan’s University and the Prince of Wales College into the new facility.

Building Code: RL
Building Number: 15
Architect: Leslie R. Fairn & Associates
Year Built: 1973
Total Area: 96,766 ft2 (8,990 m2)
Structure: Concrete block, face brick
Primary Role/Purpose: Library


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