SDU Main Building

When St. Dunstan’s College formally opened on January 17, 1855, (replacing St. Andrew’s College) it consisted of only one building. That building, now known as SDU Main Building, first served St. Dunstan’s College, later St. Dunstan’s University, for more than a century from its construction in 1854 until 1969. It was first completed in wood, then sheathed in brick in 1862. This red island brick was shipped to Charlottetown by boat after it was fired in Tignish, PE in the same kiln that manufactured the brick that covers a Roman Catholic church in that community. Over the years, SDU Main Building has served as classroom and office space, as well as a residence and a chapel. The building has undergone several additions and renovations including the addition of a wing and an annex. The edifice was officially reopened by the Hon. Joseph Ghiz, Premier, on January 17, 1989, the 134th anniversary of the reception of the first students of St. Dunstan’s College.

Building Code: SDMB
Building Number: 5
Architect: Thomas Raymond, C.B. Chappell, Bergmark & Hammarlund
Year Built: 1854
Total Area: 52,802 ft2 (4,905 m2)
Structure: Face brick
Primary Role/Purpose: Administrative, academic


  • Faculty of Arts
  • Office of the Dean of Arts
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