Cass Science Hall

Cass Science Hall was the original science hall for the St. Dunstan’s College campus. Built in 1939, it was instrumental to St. Dunstan’s activating its university charter. In 1967, the building was assigned exclusively to chemistry and named Cass Chemistry Building in memory of Father Frederick Cass, the first priest to teach chemistry at SDU (1931-1964). His devotion to St. Dunstan’s, and to generations of students, created a lasting legacy. In 1997, the building was rededicated to Father Cass and the floors of the building named in honour of the priests who pioneered in the study of science at St. Dunstan’s University: Rev. A. Charles MacDonald (Engineering); Rev. George A. MacDonald (Physics); Rev. Edmund Roche (Mathematics); Rev. Richard Ellsworth (Biology). Cass Science Hall is now home to the Department of Mathematics & Statistics and the Department of Computer Science.

Building Code: CSH
Building Number: 10
Architect: James E. Harris
Year Built: 1939
Total Area:  20,769 ft2 (1,929 m2)
Structure:  Concrete block, face brick
Primary Role/Purpose: Academic

Named spaces:

  • Rm 201 - Sobey Foundation Lounge


  • School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences

History of Cass Science Hall

The formal name of the building was originally "Cass Science Hall," and it originated with St. Dunstan's University, whose arms and motto (Ex Eodem Fonte Fides et Scientia) date from 1855. Later, the building was converted to house the Department of Chemistry.

For many years, the "Cass Chemistry Centre" was the home of chemistry teaching and research at St. Dunstan's University, and, in 1969, the incipient University of Prince Edward Island.

In 1996, the Irving Corporation sponsored the construction of the new K. C. Irving Chemistry Centre, a fully modernized facility, which became the new home of UPEI's Department of Chemistry, as well as the Office of the Dean of the Faculty of Science.

The Departments of Mathematics and Computer Science and Engineering relocated from their former buildings (Memorial Hall and Duffy Science, respectively).

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science shared the renovated Cass building, again named "Cass Science Hall," with the Department of Engineering until June 1, 2003, at which time two new departments, Computer Science and Information Technology, and Mathematics and Statistics, were created by splitting the original Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Our building is ideally situated in the central campus area. It is equipped with an elevator and powered doors, and is fully wheelchair accessible.

The Cass Science Hall houses modern classrooms, seminar and research rooms, a microcomputer lab, a Linux/Windows computer lab, and faculty and staff offices. A large student lounge with a student society office is located on the entrance level.

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