Bill and Denise Andrew Hall

Andrew Hall received its first occupants for the winter 2006 semester. The building consists of 67 double suites (designed for two students), with 9 single and 5 triple suites. Each suite is equipped with a refrigerator, microwave and TV. All student bedrooms are singles and include double beds and large workstations.

Andrew Hall is named for Bill and Denise Andrew. Bill graduated from UPEI’s Engineering Program in 1973 and went on to become the CEO of Penn West Petroleum. He was appointed UPEI’s Chancellor in 2003. Bill and his wife Denise own a harness-racing business in Alberta and are partners in Meridian Farms in Milton where they raise standardbred horses.

Andrew Hall is physically connected to two levels of the existing Wanda Wyatt Dining Hall where the dining area has been expanded and the food service area upgraded.

Building Code: AH
Building Number: 19
Architect: William W. Chandler Architects
Year Built: 2005
Total Area: 86,473 ft2 (8,033 m2)
Structure: Face brick
Primary Role/Purpose: Residence


  • Ancillary Services - Conference Services
  • Ancillary Services - Food Services
  • Ancillary Services - Residence Services
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