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Florence Simmons UPEI Entrance Scholarships
Maximum Amount: $1,500.00
Entering 1st Year
Scholarship Type: Scholarship
Description: Awarded to international students entering the first year of study in an undergraduate program at the University of Prince Edward Island. Based on admission average to the university. Recommended by the International Relations Office.
Background: At UPEI, the Simmons family's vision and generosity has been making a positive impact on students all across the UPEI campus for years. Evelyn, Louis, and Florence have all made leadership contributions to the university. Florence made regular contributions to UPEI's Annual Fund Campaign for decades. Asked why she was such a loyal UPEI benefactor, she responded modestly in words that could well be her family's motto - "I want to do what I can to help other people get an education." Florence was a graduate of the Prince of Wales College in 1935 where she studied to be a teacher. She never went into teaching, choosing instead to work at a bank where she stayed for 30 years. She was also a beautiful painter as well as an organist. Florence passed away in June 2014, leaving a substantial gift to UPEI for entrance scholarships. These scholarships are a result of Florence's passion for, and belief in the value of education and this university.
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