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Matilda "Tildy" MacMillan Good Mentorship
Maximum Amount: $1,500.00
Application Form: Application Form
Deadline: 1-Oct
Scholarship Type: Bursary
Description: Awarded to a deserving third or fourth year student who demonstrates a strong interest in historical/archival material and in creative and innovative use of technology in the storage and retrieval of such material.
Background: Ruby Matheson was born and raised in Wood Island, PE, on the family farm, along with two brothers and four sisters. Ruby described her love for the rich community-spirit they enjoyed this way: "I like the old ways, when we had time to gather round the kitchen stove and exchange concerns for our neighbours... if a farmer took sick at harvest time, his neighbours put his crop in the barn. If he lost his house by fire, neighbours built another. There were no government assistance forms - no one wanted or needed them - but there was a genuine feeling of responsibility for the less fortunate..." This way of life served as a model for the young woman as she went on to become a teacher, a mother, a business-woman, an entrepreneur, an author, an artist and a community leader. Ruby was educated in a one-room school, and received her Teaching Certificate at Prince of Wales College, one of UPEI's predecessor institutions. Throughout her life she was very involved in her community and its heritage. This inspired her to write, and she became an author and co-author of several books. The 'Echoes of Home: Stories of Bygone Days' focus on the people of Wood Islands, and preserve the heritage of her home community for future generations. In recognition of her outstanding service to community and preservation of heritage, Ruby was bestowed an honorary doctorate degree by the University of Prince Edward Island in 2003. Ruby passed away in April 2010. In the same spirit of helping others, Ruby made a bequest to the University of Prince Edward Island to support a student mentorship in her sister's name. Reflecting Ruby's love of preservation of heritage, the Tildy MacMillan Good Mentorship was established in support of, a digitization initiative that ensures Prince Edward Island's rich heritage is stewarded and preserved in perpetuity.
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