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Dr. J. Regis Duffy Graduate Scholarships in Science
Maximum Amount: $12500.00
Faculty: MSc
Grad Studies at UPEI
Occasion: Research Awards
Description: Awarded to graduate students who have demonstrated excellence and are pursuing a Masters or PhD graduate degree in the area of Science at UPEI.
Background: These scholarships were established by Dr. J. Regis Duffy. Regis Duffy's roots run deep in the Island's soil. He was born and raised on Earl and Annie Duffy's farm in Kinkora, the eldest in a family of 12. After graduating from the local high school, he attended St. Dunstan's University, one of UPEI's predecessor institutions, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in 1953. His distinguished career as a scientist began in 1962 when he graduated with a PhD in Chemistry from Fordham University and joined the Chemistry department at St. Dunstan's University. In 1969, he went on to become the first dean of Science at the newly established University of Prince Edward Island. The following year, he entered the burgeoning entrepreneurial field of chemical manufacturing which led to his first off-campus laboratory which explored research possbilities in the health care field. From modest beginnings, producing one compound for a U.S. customer with $10,000 in sales the first year, Diagnostic Chemicals Ltd. grew into a major manufacturer of fine research chemicals, enzymes and analytical systems for blood analysis that employed more than 250 people. Diagnostic Chemicals Ltd. was sold to Genzyme Corporation in 2007. Dr. Duffy also established Biovectra, a separate company which manufactures and markets more than 400 products with annual sales of $20 million. His company has been lis ted as one of Canada's top 100 employers and he has had a lifelong commitment to the well-being of his employees as well as the health of the PEI economy. Dr. Duffy has supported UPEI in many ways. In addition to philanthropic support, he chaired the UPEI Board of Governors for 10 years, retiring from that position in 2006. He was conferred the title Chair Emeritus in 2007. As the University continues to grow in the area of research and development, these scholarships are critical to attracting graduate students who display immense promise and a drive for excellence and discovery.
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