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Dr. Debbie Musgrave Memorial Award
Maximum Amount: $575.00
Faculty: DVM
Current 4th Year
Scholarship Type: Award
Description: Awarded to a graduating student in Veterinary Medicine at AVC who best exemplifies the passion and dedication to animals that was so much a part of Dr. Debbie Musgrave's life and purpose.
Background: Debbie Musgrave was a member of the AVC Class of 2008. She was a person who was passionate about veterinary medicine and had a sincere love and respect for animals. In particular, Debbie was known for her love of "Shelties" and was the owner of the registered kennel "Foxfire Shelties." It was not unusual for Debbie to be seen around the AVC with a few Shelties in tow, as she integrated them into the program whenever she could. When they were not with her, she would be thinking of them as evidenced by the many sketches and doodles she drew. Debbie spent many of her weekends attending dog shows and managed to achieve several titles for her beloved Shelties in confirmation, agility, and obedience. In addition, she bred several litters of prospective champions often traveling great distances to find the perfect "Sire". All this was achieved while continuing to manager her studies at AVC and concurrently working on her Masters degree in Animal Nutrition. Debbie was passionate about her interests and pushed herself beyond all limits to reach her goals. Debbie will be remembered by her family and friends not only for her intelligence and determination but especially for her warm and beautiful smile, her sense of humor and her willingness to help others. Debbie was a rare and special person - she was a great loss to her family, friends and to the veterinary community. The Debbie Musgrave Memorial Award was established following Debbie's death on November 1, 2007. Through the generosity of many (and in particular the class of 2008), Debbie's memorial fund quickly grew and is now endowed for the purpose of assisting deserving AVC students. The Debbie Musgrave Memorial Award will be presented on an annual basis, honoring Debbie and those who share the dream she held of becoming a veterinarian.
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