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Isobel Lillian Bell Music Travel Funds
Faculty: Arts
Occasion: Awarded at other times throughout the year.
Description: granted to Wind Symphony music students to support travel to music festivals, competitions, and other learning opportunities.
Background: This travel fund for music students is established by Mary Roscoe Murphy Robertson in memory of Isobel Lillian Bell (1913-2007). Isobel Lillian Bell was born in Montreal. She served in the Royal Canadian Navy during World War II after which she taught primary school. When she married, she traveled extensively living in Puerto Rico and various cities in the US. Eventually, she moved to Quebec City, then to Lindsay, Ontario. Lillian was a keen lover of cats and music and as she grew older and her vision deteriorated from macular degeneration, her beloved cats and music were the mainstay of her life. Even well into her 90's, every Christmas season, she would hire a driver to take her from Lindsay to Toronto so she could attend the 'Sing-along-Messiah' at Massey-Hall. There she sat, a beautiful, blind, brave, elderly woman, completely captivated by the wondrous sound around her. Lillian loved PEI. As a young women she had visited the Island, and in the 1990's, she eagerly started her annual vacations on Brackley Bay. She relished the musical events throughout the Island and was eager to attend as many as possible. She particularly appreciated the performances of young musicians and singers no matter what the venue. Lillian was an inspiration in her ability to enjoy and share the small and great pleasures of life even when she was faced with many difficult challenges. She gave joy and support to everyone who knew her and was always willing to listen and help when needed. She respected and encouraged the young people she met and relished her contacts with them so much that she frequently surprised them with monetary gifts to help them in their studies. In this spirit, Mary Roscoe Murphy Robertson, created this fund to a ssist UPEI Music students in spreading the joy through their musical talents.
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