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Marguerite Jobe Maloney Award in Applied Human Sciences
Maximum Amount: $440.00
Faculty: Science
Application Form: Application Form
Deadline: Oct 1
Occasion: Fall Bursary (Financial Need)
Scholarship Type: Bursary
Description: Awarded to a returning UPEI student who has a declared Major in Foods and Nutritional Science, and who is pursuing their education in the face of such obstacles as physical, financial, family, or social problems.
Background: Marguerite Jobe Maloney was born in 1917 in Glace Bay, Cape Breton. From her earliest years, education was an important part of her life. While doing her school homework, her father, a coal miner from a very young age, studied alongside her to improve his education and skills. Many times, while a high-school student in Cape Breton, Marguerite traveled to spend the summer with her sister Sibyl, a registered nurse practicing in New York City. To a girl from Glace Bay, New York with its libraries, museums and galleries was an introduction to the excitement of learning. One of her few regrets in life was that she did not have the opportunity to attend university, a rarity when she was a young woman. After high school, Marguerite spent two years studying secretarial skills at Mount St. Bernard College, associated with St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonoish, Nova Scotia. Also, at St. Francis Xavier, she met John Maloney who later became her husband of 55 years. Through her life, Marguerite accomplished a great deal with her care of her husband and five children. Yet it would be a serious misreading of her and her character to relegate her to merely an accessory role, even with her strong-willed husband; she led at least as much as she followed. Marguerite never lost her interest in learning new things and it was central to her enjoyment of life. Almost always accompanied by a book, she maintained a high level of curiosity on a limitless range of subjects from history to geography, from haute cuisine to spirituality. Whether identifying a wildflower in the woods or refinishing a piece of furniture, books were essential and her home had many, many books. The beneficiary of the Marguerite Jobe Maloney Award can best show appreciation by striving to emulate this example of life-long love of learning.
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