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Thunder Cove Breast Cancer Award
Maximum Amount: $2,000.00
Application Form: Application Form
Deadline: 18-Mar
Scholarship Type: Scholarship
Description: Awarded to an undergraduate or graduate student who has an expressed interest in pursuing a project directly related to the care, prevention and/or cure of breast cancer.
Background: In February 2006, days after booking her honeymoon, Lesley Thompson was diagnosed with breast cancer. The honeymoon went ahead and the following week, she had surgery. This was followed by chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Along with support and love of family and friends, she was extremely fortunate to have a wonderful medical team and the best care throughout her experience. As her chemotherapy treatments were coming to an end, her first wedding anniversary was approaching. She and her husband decided as a tribute and thank you to all who had helped them through this, they would hold a fundraiser at the family cottage where Lesley spent most of the summer recuperating. On August 26, 2006, the 1st Annual Thunder Cove Sunset Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research was held. Over 100 people attended the event including many who had shared their wedding day, exactly one year prior. The objective of this annual event is to raise money for research being done locally on breast cancer and a portion also goes to the Oncology Unit at the Prince County Hospital in Summerside. It is the Thompson's hope that this annual family event will bring more public awareness to the cause and continue to support the efforts of local individuals who are striving to find a cure for this disease. By donating a portion of the funds to the oncology unit, it is their hope to provide additional comfort to the patients who use the facility. The main focus of this award will be to act as a catalyst for student inquiry into breast cancer and how understanding about the care, cure and/or prevention of breast cancer can be a specific area of focus for the student's current learning as an undergrad or graduate student. The intent is that such a student would then be interested in continued studies in the care, cure, and/or prevention of breast cancer.
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