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Orwell Corner Historic Village Prize
Maximum Amount: $500.00
Faculty: Arts
Occasion: Convocation
Process: Recommendation from the Department of History
Scholarship Type: Award
Description: Awarded to a student who is judged to have the best essay in an Island history course which relies primarily on oral sources, with preference given to events that have occurred in southeastern PEI.
Background: This annual award was established by the Orwell Corner Historic Village. Orwell Corner Historic Village opened in July of 1973. Orwell was named in 1769 by Surveyor General Captain Samuel Holland in honour of Lord Francis Orwell, British Minister of Plantations. Much of the early settlement took place at Orwell Cove and as fields were cleared and roads improved settlement moved inland. The small crossroads community was founded in the early nineteenth century by Scots that arrived on the Island with the Glenaladale Settlers brought out by Captain John MacDonald, as well as families that came from the Isle of Skye, County Monaghan in Ireland and United Empire Loyalists. Many of the current residents in the Orwell community are descendants of these early pioneers. In 1970 the Provincial Centennial Commission, various departments of the Provincial and Federal governments and dedicated volunteers in the community set plans into action and the site was restored to the late nineteenth centur y. The buildings were furnished with artifacts from the Provincial Collection and it opened to the public in July of 1973. Currently it is owned by the Province of Prince Edward Island and administered by the Prince Edward Island Museum and Heritage Foundation and the Orwell Corner Pioneer Village Corporation with support from various departments of government as well as generated revenues.
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