Scholarship Information

Class of 2000 Award
Maximum Amount: $930.00
Faculty: DVM
Current 1st Year
Scholarship Type: Award
Description: Awarded to two first-year students in Veterinary Medicine, selected by classmates and staff, demonstrating exceptional care and compassion for the teaching animals at the Atlantic Veterinary College.
Background: This award was established by the AVC Class of 2000 as a graduating class gift. The members of this graduating class wished to recognize that enriching the teaching animals' environment and attire through human contact, handling, socialization, walks outside, grooming, and playtime may improve the quality of life and health of animals during their selfless contribution to veterinary medical education. In 2007, Mr. David Madren, a friend of AVC and advocate for animal welfare, made a contribution to endow the AVC Class of 2000 Award that it might be given every year.
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