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Hon. Dr. Lorne Bonnell Memorial Scholarship
Maximum Amount: $1750.00
Faculty: MSc
Grad Studies at UPEI
Deadline: Apr 3
Occasion: Research Awards
Process: Application: Cover Letter; Updated CV; Official Transcripts (undergraduate and graduate programs); 3 Letters of Reference
Description: Awarded to a full-time student who is a Canadian citizen and entering the first year of a Master of Science program at UPEI or AVC. Candidates must be admitted to a full-time Master's program at UPEI within 12 months of qualifying for the Scholarship.
Background: Born January 4, 1923, in the very small rural community of Hopefield, P.E.I., he was one of seven children in the Bonnell family. He attended a one-room school, typical of Prince Edward Island in that era until the family moved to Charlottetown when he was ten years old. He attended West Kent School and Prince of Wales College in Charlottetown, and Dalhousie University in Hailfax, Nova Scotia. He graduated with the degree of Doctor of Medicine, Master of Surgery (M.D., C.M.) in May, 1949. In July, 1949, Dr. M. Lorne Bonnell married Ruby Jardine. Two children were born to them - Mark Lorne II, and Linda Florence. Dr. Bonnell and his wife had thirty years of happy marriage before Ruby's death in December, 1979. Also, in July, 1948 Dr. M. Lorne Bonnell established a medical practice in Murray River, a rural area adjacent to Hopefield, where he continues to practice medicine to this time. As a family doctor, he has attended some 10, 000 patients, and has brought 3, 000 babies into the worl d, about 1, 000 of those being home deliveries. He treated many of his patients in their homes; he traveled by car, horse and wagon, horse and sleigh, train, tractor, railroad trolley, and many times on foot to get to his patients. An outstanding achievement was his diagnosis and successful treatment of an Rh positive baby, the first time this had been done in this province (1949). In order that his patients would have medical help when needed during his absence, he entered into partnership with two doctors in Montague, the nearest town, and they established a Medical clinic there in 1963. In 1951, Dr. M. Lorne Bonnell entered provincial politics and over the next two decades was re-elected five times as a member of the Legislative Assembly of P.E.I. He held several portfolios in the Cabinet: Minister of
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