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Jeff Praught Award in Mathematics
Maximum Amount: $1000.00
Faculty: Science
Occasion: Convocation
Process: Recommendation by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Description: Awarded to a deserving graduating student who has been involved in student life at UPEI and/or the community.Preference will be given to those not been in receipt of a scholarship or bursary of more than $2,000 during their undergraduate degree and is not receiving another graduation award.
Background: This award is established by Jeff Praught, who graduated from the University of Prince Edward Island in 2003. Mr. Praught created this award to show his appreciation for the fine education he received at UPEI, and specifically from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Mr. Praught started his education at UPEI in 1998. For the next 5 years, he pursued a major in Mathematics and a double minor in Biology and Physics. Following graduation in 2003, he decided to return to UPEI to pursue an Honours conversion in Mathematics, which he obtained in 2004 under the supervision of Dr. Ken Sulston. Mr. Praught applied to graduate school that same year, and entered the graduate program at Dalhousie University in September 2004; he graduated in 2006 with a Master of Science in Mathema tics. Mr. Praught is currently studying Medicine at the University of Ottawa. Mr. Praught is actively involved in both his community and student life in Ottawa. He participates in an International Health Program designed to promote health awareness and prevention in developing countries. He is a member of numerous student organizations and enjoys reading, writing, running, squash, politics, and technology.
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