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Minto and Vina Foster Graduate Scholarship in Biology
Maximum Amount: $3300.00
Faculty: MSc
Grad Studies at UPEI
Deadline: Apr 3
Occasion: Research Awards
Process: Application: Cover Letter; Updated CV; Official Transcripts (graduate program)
Description: Awarded to academically deserving graduate students who conduct research in disciplines related to gardening as it pertains to economically important plants.
Background: These graduate scholarships were created through the Estate of Minto Foster in December 2004. Minto was born in 1902 in the community of Marshfield. Minto and Vina (MacGregor) married and lived for a brief time in Halifax. They moved back to PEI and bought Minto's brother's farm in York. The couple became well known for their market garden. In the summer they picked the crops and Minto would then drive in to town and peddle to the stores. In the winter they kept a small beef herd and horses and chickens. Vina worked at Vesey Seeds during some of the winter months. They were also known for the flower s they grew. The entered their blooms in fairs and came away with many awards. In 1980 they retired from farming, sold the farm, and moved to an apartment in Charlottetown. Luckily it was in the home of a nephew, Earl Foster, and soon a portion of the back yard was turned over to Minto for a small garden. He started growing lima beans and was still peddling them to the markets at eighty years of age. Vina died in 1997. Minto died in 2003 at the age of 101.
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