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Mary O. Kinch Entrance Awards
Faculty: Arts
Entering 1st Year
Occasion: Awarded at other times throughout the year.
Process: Recommendations by the Department of Music
Scholarship Type: Scholarship
Description: Awarded to first-year Music students in varying amounts based on recommendations from the Music Department.
Background: Justin A. (Mickey) McKean (1919-1997) was the only child of Mary Olive Kinch who was born in Kildare, PEI. Mary's Island roots go deep; she was the fourth generation of the family that had come from Ireland to farm on PEI. Her mother was a Handrahan; her grandmother a Dalton, sister of Sir Charles Dalton, pioneer in the silver fox industry on the Island, Lieutenant Governor of PEI in the 1930's, and whose generosity allowed the building of "Dalton Hall" in 1917 as a residence to acco mmodate the influx of students following the war. Like so many young Islanders of that era, Mary moved to the Boston States where she met and married Collin McKean, Justin's father. When Collin died suddenly in 1939, Mary took a position as a housekeeper for a woman in Wellesley, MA, whose name we do not know, but whose generosity has had a lasting impact, since upon her death she left Mary a bequest of $50,000. This, it is believed, is the source of the funds that Mr. McKean invested and subsequently donat ed to UPEI for scholarships for music students in his mother's name.
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