Scholarship Information

Dr. Leon Loucks Memorial Award
Maximum Amount: $615.00
Faculty: Science
Current 4th Year
Process: Recommended by the Department of Chemistry
Scholarship Type: Award
Description: Awarded to a Chemistry major/honours student entering fourth year who has taken at least five third-year courses and has the highest average in their third-year Chemistry courses.
Background: This annual award was established by friends and colleagues in memory of Dr. Leon Loucks in recognition of his extraordinary contributions to UPEI, particularly to the Chemistry Department. Professor Loucks was a major driving force in the establishment of a strong Chemistry Department at UPEI, setting the standard for teaching, dealing with students, doing research, and serving as mentor to professors. One of his most lasting contributions to chemistry at UPEI was his leadership role in the planning and design of the K.C. Irving Chemistry Centre, our state-of-the-art facility which opened in 1996.
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