Scholarship Information

Earl F. Nicholson Alumni Scholarship
Maximum Amount: $1,000.00
Current 4th Year
Application Form: Application Form
Deadline: 01-Oct
Process: Applications available on the web
Scholarship Type: Bursary
Description: Awarded to a full-time student in his or her fourth year at UPEI carrying at least a normal load of five courses per semester and scheduled to graduate the following May. Based on academic performance and financial need.
Background: This alumni scholarship was created in honour of Earl F. Nicholson by the Alumni Association to honor him for his long and distinguished service. Earl "Nick" Nicholson, attended PWC and SDU, was Director of Physical Education and basketball coach at PWC from 1964-1969. He was also the manager of the Charlottetown Forum from 1955 until 1964. When UPEI opened in the fall of 1969, Earl was the first Chair of the Athletics Department and Men's basketball coach. A short time later, Earl was appointed Director of Development and Alumni Affairs, a position he held until he retired in 1992.
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