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Dr. Peter & Donna Meincke Alumni Scholarship
Maximum Amount: $1000.00
Current 4th Year
Application Form: Application Form
Deadline: Oct 1
Occasion: Fall Bursary (Financial Need)
Process: Applications available on the web
Scholarship Type: Bursary
Description: Awarded to a full-time student in his or her fourth year at UPEI who is carrying at least a normal course load of five courses per semester and is scheduled to graduate the following May. Based on academic performance and need.
Background: Dr. Peter Meincke, President of UPEI (1978-1985), was appointed President Emeritus of University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) in 2001 and awarded and Hon D.Sc. from the Royal Military College (RMC) in 2006. Peter Meincke graduated from RMC with the sword of honour; obtained a BSc in Engineering Physics from Queens and a PhD in Physics from the University of Toronto and attended the National Defence College in 1985-86. Peter Meincke served in the RCAF, taught at RMC, spent two years at Bell Telephone Labs, served as Vice Provost of the U of T and President of UPEI. He has also served on the board of a number of national and international organizations including the Ministers Advisory Board on the Canadian Military Colleges, Chair of the National Library Advisory board and the Council of the Association of Commonwealth Universities. He is a founding member of The Group of 78 and is a past member of the Canadian Pugwash Boa rd of Directors.
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