Scholarship Information

Dorothy C. Hall Nursing Scholarship
Maximum Amount: $1,400.00
Faculty: Nursing
Current 4th Year
Process: Selected by the Scholarships and Awards Committee
Scholarship Type: Award
Description: Awarded to the graduating student standing first in Nursing 401 (Nursing and Population Health).
Background: Dr. Dorothy C. Hall spent decades pursuing her passion, advancing the role of nursing in primary health care in Canada and in countries such as Afghanistan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and Denmark. She was also instrumental in helping the Ontario government implement the concept of the primary health care nurse practitioner in the provincial health care system. She was awarded honorary Doctor of Laws (LLD) degrees by McMaster University and the University of Prince Edward Island. This award originated in 1996 through an annual gift from Dr. Hall. She passed away in November 2011, leaving in her estate provision to endow a fund to ensure the award continued in perpetuity.
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