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Alumnae Association - PEI Hospital School of Nursing Award
Maximum Amount: $500
Faculty: Nursing
Occasion: Fall
Process: Recommended by Faculty of Nursing
Scholarship Type: Award
Description: Granted each fall to a full-time nursing student in the four year BSc.N program or two year Accelerated BSc.N program who displays excellence in bedside nursing while maintaining a satisfactory academic record. The recipient is determined as well based on their performance in clinical courses.
Background: The Prince Edward Island Hospital School of Nursing (PEIH School of Nursing) was one of the earliest nursing schools in Canada. In 1891a pioneering nursing supervisor, Miss Jessie Sheraton, a Saint John General Hospital graduate nurse from Saint John, New Brunswick, began to train women to care for the sick at the PEI Hospital. The first class of this two year nursing program graduated two nurses in 1893. This established the PEIH School of Nursing which continued with a three year nursing diploma program until 1971. Operating for eighty years, this nursing school graduated a total of 727 nurses. When the PEIH School of Nursing closed in 1971, along with the two other Island hospital nursing schools, the PEI School of Nursing was founded and operated until 1994 when the University of PEI established a four year baccalaureate degree for nurses. The Alumnae Association of the Prince Edward Island Hospital School of Nursing was established in April 1939. The object of the original constitution was and continues to be ?the maintenance of honor of the nursing profession, and the promotion of unity,good feeling, and loyalty among members". The Alumnae Association of the PEIH School of Nursing continues to be active, meeting eight times per year. In 2000, the first two $500 awards were granted to nursing students at the University of Prince Edward Island. In 2008, the monetary value of these awards was increased to $1000 each. In 2009, being the 70th Anniversary of the PEIH School of Nursing Alumnae Association, a third $1000 bursary was granted. In September 2021, the Alumnae Association of the PEI Hospital School of Nursing generously decided to combine their annual gifts into one endowed fund to support one nursing award at UPEI in perpetuity.
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