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Drs. Larry Hammell & Norma Guy Graduate Student Awards
Maximum Amount: $1,000
Grad Studies at UPEI
Application Form: Application Form
Occasion: Fall
Process: The successful candidate must have provided evidence of a promising career in veterinary cardiology with an interest in mitral heart valve disease and congestive heart failure. While recipients can receive this scholarship more than once, it is the donors' preference to distribute the scholarship to a wider variety of students when possible.
Scholarship Type: Award
Description: Beginning in the Fall of 2020, the Drs. Larry Hammell & Norma Guy Awards will be granted to five (5) graduate students in a thesis based program who are in financial need ( Students must be within three years of commencing their Master's degree or within five years of commencing their Doctoral degree and be registered as a full time graduate student. Applicants will submit no more than one page outlining their area of greatest need. Preference will be given to graduate students who are the sole caregiver in their family unit. Additional criteria may be added if required. Recipients will be recommended by the Graduate Studies Advisory Committee and approved by the Senate Committee on Scholarships and Awards. The donor will not participate in the recommendation process. Granting of these awards will not reduce any other supports the graduate student may receive.
Background: Drs. Larry Hammell and Norma Guy of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, first moved to PEI in 1990. Both have a strong and enduring connection to the Atlantic Veterinary College of the University of Prince Edward Island. Dr. Guy was a faculty member in the Department of Companion Animals from 1997 to 2009 teaching clinical behavior and welfare. She was nationally recognized for her work in animal welfare, receiving the CVMA Humane Award in 2008. As a faculty member and more recently as AVC Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Research and Interim Dean of UPEI Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, Dr. Hammell is recognized nationally and internationally for his contributions in aquatic epidemiology, aquatic animal health research and aquatic food animal production medicine. In 2016, he received the CVMA Merck Award for advancing food animal medicine in Canada.
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