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Gizmo Latimer Memorial Scholarship in Cardiology
Maximum Amount: $3,000
Faculty: AVC
Grad Studies at UPEI
Award Information: Read more about this generous donor
Occasion: Spring
Scholarship Type: Award
Description: Granted on an annual basis to a student who is enrolled and in good standing in the Master of Science - Residency in Cardiology program in the Atlantic Veterinary College at the University of Prince Edward Island. The successful candidate must have provided evidence of a promising career in veterinary cardiology with an interest in mitral heart valve disease and congestive heart failure. While recipients can receive this scholarship more than once, it is the donors' preference to distribute the scholarship to a wider variety of students when possible.
Background: Gizmo was a beautiful Shih-Tzu who rescued us on June 3, 2014. He was passionate about life, brave and strong. With a big personality, and even larger spirit, he loved going for drives, always enjoying the sun and breeze on his face; visiting wineries, airports, watching fireworks, vacationing and adventures. He also loved birds and squirrels, and pushing his face into flowers; ice cream, mango shakes, and any meals/treats with chicken. Most of all he loved his daddy, brother Sam, and mommy. Gizmo touched many hearts - both two and four legged; by displaying his strength against this intractable disease, by reaching out to many people who had never met a dog before, and also teaching dogs who never knew friendship, how to behave. He was the light of our lives. There are no words. Our son taught us many things about life and loved us unconditionally until his last breath. He gave us a wonderful five and a half years of joy. He fought Mitral Valve Disease courageously until his little heart stopped beating for him on the morning of November 25, 2019. He quietly left our world, naturally, on his own terms, in our arms. Although mitral Valve Disease is a very common disease, there is no cure. Families have to manage the condition with a delicate balance of medication until the heart gives out. We want to honor our son by supporting the education of cardiology specialists, so that loved ones can receive treatment to cure and stay together longer. We trust that eventually we will find a special practitioner who will be able to contribute to advancements with the prevention, treatment, and care of Mitral Valve Disease.
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