Scholarship Information

David & Jock MacLeod Memorial Award
Maximum Amount: 500
Faculty: AVC
Occasion: Fall (AVC Fall Recognition Night)
Process: Recommended by the AVC Awards and Scholarships Committee and approved by the Senate Committee on Scholarships and Awards
Scholarship Type: Award
Description: Granted to a student entering their fourth year of study in the DVM program at the Atlantic Veterinary College who has demonstrated an extraordinary love and compassion for animals.
Background: Dave MacLeod has been a junior high school teacher throughout his adult life and married for the first time when he was 57. He was a fairly quiet man, a deep thinker, but he had a quick wit which could erupt at any time. He hated the thought of animals being abused or unloved. He and his wife, Joanne, had a few companion animals but their Scot Tzu (Jock) gave them the most joy. Dave and Jock were inseperable. He would often sit at a Dave's feet waiting for im to be invited up on his lap. It was a ritual Jock loved. Dave passed away from cancer when Jock was about four. Jock mourned along with Jo; he could tell when she needed him by her side and they leaned on one another for comfort. That little dog did what he could to assuage the grief that Jo was experiencing from the loss of her husband; Jock was really good at that. Because of the special bond between Dave, Jo, and Jock, this scholarship has been established for a student in the Atlantic Veterinary College.
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