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Erwin & Joyce Andrew Memorial Scholarship (Canadian Island)
Maximum Amount: $4,150
Faculty: Arts
Grad Studies at UPEI
Application Form: Application Form
Deadline: 15-Aug
Occasion: Awarded at various times throughout the year
Process: Recommended by MAIS Committee
Scholarship Type: Award
Description: Awarded to a student undertaking research that proposes to focus on, singly or comparatively, one or more islands in Canada (which can, but does not have to include PEI). Students are eligible for these scholarships if they have completed at least three(3)of the core MAIS courses, and are not a full time UPEI employee or in receipt of any other major donor funded scholarship at the time of application. Preference given to students in the thesis-based MAIS
Background: These annual scholarships are established at the University of Prince Edward Island in honour and memory of Joyce M.(Hooper) Andrew and Erwin Andrew, by their son Bill Andrew and his wife, Denise. Joyce and Erwin resided in Milton, PEI. They Had three sons: Bill, Brian, and Rollin. Erwin Andrew was a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force. In 1948, as part of his service, the family moved from the Island to Europe. Several family moves occurred throughout Mr. Andrew's career. Following retirement in 1967, the Andrew family returned to Prince Edward Island where they took up residence in South Milton where he became part of the horse breeding business for more than 50 years. Joyce(Hooper) Andrew was a teacher and aside from her hobbies of knitting, quilting, cooking, reading, playing bridge, skating, and snowshoeing, she was also very involved in community initiatives. She was the chairwoman of the Provincial Exhibition Committee for the Prince Edward Island Women's Institute. Apart from her Women's Institute involvement, Joyce was active in church work. She was the Vice President and Secretary of Education of the Milton ACW and member of the PEI Board of Anglican Church Women. For many years she was a Sunday School Teacher. To quote Mrs. Andrew "Being involved in volunteer work one becomes more aware of the needs and concern of not only one's community, but the universal community. Action should follow awareness."
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