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Edith Coffin Giggey Memorial Award
Maximum Amount: $500
Faculty: Science
Occasion: Fall
Process: Recommended by Applied Human Sciences
Scholarship Type: Award
Description: Granted to a returning full time undergraduate student who is enrolled in the Applied Human Sciences program at UPEI and has shown extraordinary interest in the nutritional needs and care of seniors. The successful recipient will be recommended by the Chair of the Department of Applied Human Sciences in consultation with faculty.
Background: Edith Coffin Giggey was an early graduate of UPEI (?70) who returned to PEI after a one-year internship in Dietetics. She was considered to have been instrumental in the introduction of professional dietitians in the chronic-care homes in PEI. In 1972, she petitioned the Government through the Department of Social Services to provide a position for a dietitian to work in the manors. The Deputy Minister agreed and hired her as a consultant to become the first dietitian in the province to work specifically with the elderly. As a result of her work to raise the standards of service in the manors, PEI was the first Province in Canada to have its seniors homes accredited to the national standards for hospitals. Edith died in December 2017. This award has been established by her family in recognition of Edith?s pioneering work in nutrition and health of seniors through the extension of dietetic services and standards to seniors homes in PEI and through her teaching of nutrition to health professionals at UPEI.
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