Yuliya Rashchupkina
Yuliya Rashchupkina
Assistant Professor
School of Climate Change and Adaptation
Political Science
Island Scholar:
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Assistant Professor (Political Science Department and the School of Climate Change and Adaptation)

BA (Ukraine); MA (Nebraska at Omaha); PhD (Massachusetts)

She received her PhD degree in Global Governance and Human Security from the University of Massachusetts Boston (USA). Her scholarly work focuses on different aspects of political economy of decarbonization, climate change and environmental governance, global governance, international security and international liberal order. She published numerous articles in various international peer-reviewed journals (e.g., American Journal of International Law, Peace and Change: a Journal of Peace Research, Canadian Foreign Policy Journal, Studia Polityczne, Palgrave Communications, and Contemporary Politics) and presented scientific papers across the world. She holds significant experience in teaching from several universities, including Babson College, the University of Massachusetts Boston and Suffolk University.

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