Philip Bruce Smith
Philip Bruce Smith
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BA (Texas); MA, PhD (Western)

My approaches to research questions include both quantitative and qualitative methods. My most sustained research interests are in development of positive relationships within families, prevention of family violence, and promotion of positive parenting. My current and recent research supervision reflects these concerns:

Current PsyD student, Shauna Reddin, Family Ties

Previous Honours Students:

2021: Brianna Squires, Triple P Online in Prince Edward Island

2020: Catherine Noseworthy, An Exploration of the Facilitators and Barriers to Male Caregiver Attendance in Parenting Education Sessions on Prince Edward Island

2019: Alexandra MacDonald, Increasing Father Participation in Parent Education in Prince Edward Island

2018: Selynn Butler, Facilitators and Barriers to Recruiting and Retaining Foster Parents in Prince Edward Island

2017: Grace McCarvill, Facilitators and Barriers to Triple P Implementation on Prince Edward Island

2015: Heather Tasker, Triple P and Evaluation on Prince Edward Island

2013: Elena Buliga, International Parenting Survey–Prince Edward Island: Island Parents’ Experiences and Needs

2011: Jeremy Doucette, Adolescent Boys’ Perceptions of Bullying: Promoting Empathy for Female Victims

2011: Jillian Stewart, Students Against Violence Everywhere: A Formative Evaluation

2011: Joel Wonnacott, UPEI Students’ Willingness to Intervene in Sexual Assault: Establishing Social Norms and Testing a Normative Feedback Intervention

2009: Kelsey Moore, The Experiences of Cancer Survivors as Volunteers in Cancer Support Organizations and Groups

2009: Laurette McGaughey, Non-smoking Factors: Investigating the Connection Between Non-Smoking and Low Socioeconomic Status

2006: Melissa Vloet, Cancer and Parenting: Examining Roles and Relationships from the Perspective of the Parent-Patient

2004: Denise Lubbersen, Cultural Influence on Smoking in Acadian Students

2004: Kari McArdle, Appearance- and Health-Based Messages Regarding Sun Exposure

2003: Kris Langdon, Smoking Parents’ Experiences with the Smoking Behaviour of their Adolescents

2003: Jill MacLeod, Experiences in Households which have Tried to Restrict Smoking in the Home

2002: Anna Evans, Experiences of Quitting Smoking as an Adolescent

1997: Shirliana Sherren, When do Children Come to Perceive Suntans as Attractive?

1996: Kara Griffin, Investigating the School Experiences, Perceptions, and Feelings of First-Nations Children

1995: Jocelyn Lymburner, Understanding Young Children’s Sibling Relationships in the Context of the Family Environment: Implications for Child Witnesses of Family Violence

1993: Susan Sweet, Adolescent Sibling Interactions: Are they Related to Marital Quality?

1992: Nadine DeWolfe, Children’s Understanding of Family Violence: Does Alcohol Use by the Violent Person Change their Attributions?

1991: Jacqueline Goodwin, Growing Up and Into Attitude: Experiences with Family Violence and its Effects on Adolescents’ Attitudes Toward Women and Power

1990: Mary Peters, Peer Involvement in Delinquent Activities

1990: Carey Sullivan, The Work Experiences of Adolescent Students

Research Interests
  • Family psychology
  • Parent education and support
  • Family violence prevention

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