Michael MacLellan
Michael MacLellan
Acting Chair, Applied Human Sciences
Associate Professor
Applied Human Sciences
Health Sciences Building 331
Island Scholar:
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Acting Chair, Applied Human Sciences; Associate Professor

BSc, MSc (Waterloo); PhD (Laval)

Dr. Mike MacLellan is an Associate Professor for UPEI’s Kinesiology program in the Department of Applied Human Sciences. He joined the department in 2018 and is responsible for teaching courses in Motor Learning and Control (KINE 2320), Human Motor Development (KINE 3410), Neural Control of Movement (KINE 4720), and Analysis of Human Movement (KINE 4810). The main goal of his teaching approach is to develop innovative leaders who will make meaningful contributions to the community following graduation. To meet this goal, Dr. MacLellan strives to ensure students move past mere memorization of course materials and instead emphasizes the application of information outside the classroom.

Dr. MacLellan’s research program focuses on the neuromechanical control of walking throughout the lifespan, in healthy groups and in individuals with movement-related pathologies. Many students in the Kinesiology program aspire to work in the health care industry, and he uses his past experiences to present clinical applications of fundamental course materials. He also encourages active learning in the classroom by having students perform simple movements tasks. For example, one task he has students perform is simultaneously patting their head 5 times for every 4 stomach rubs, to explain the complexity of coordinating bimanual movements. He constantly attempts to be creative in his lectures to encourage interactive learning in the classroom.

In recognition of his contribution to teaching at UPEI, the Faculty Association awarded Dr. MacLellan a Hessian Merit Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Full-Time Instructor in 2022–2022.

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