Kathy Mary E Snow
Kathy Mary E Snow
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Island Scholar:
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Graduate Studies Coordinator, Professor; Fulbright Research Chair in Arctic Studies, University of Washington (2019-20)

BEd, BSc (UPEI); MA (Bath, England); EdD (Calgary)

Dr. Snow is a former K-12 Educator and Administrator who has worked in schools around the world as well as at home in Canada. Kathy's diverse research portfolio is unified through the exploration of issues related to the organization of schools and school systems for student well-being. Her current research includes: document survey and narrative exploration of Indigenous scholars experiences in post-secondary (SSHRC Knowledge Synthesis), examination of media and robot literacies of people over 65 years of age (Academy of Finland); an examination of Inuit teacher training, resilience and professional development (funding source: ArcticNet); Distance teaching and learning in the arctic (UArctic); Mi'kmaq student success and persistence in Nova Scotia (funding source: IURN), Inuit Youth Identity development (SSHRC Insight Development). As a Settler Ally, Kathy's approach is a bricolage of Case Study, Narrative Inquiry, and Community Led Participatory Action Projects to support Mi'kmaq and Inuit teachers to (re)vision schools and learning designs that are reflective of community goals, values, and approaches.

Research Interests
  • Sustainability
  • Educational Technology
  • Social Justice

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