Amy Hsiao
Amy Hsiao
FSDE 325
Island Scholar:
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BS (MIT); MS, PhD (Carnegie Mellon); MBA (Memorial)

Dr Hsiao's expertise is in the concurrent characterization of materials properties and processes for sustainable applications. She is active in applied research where Materials Science and Engineering contributes to innovations in Sustainability, specifically for renewable energy, advanced manufacturing, the circular economy, and biomedical-materials advances. Currently she leads projects or collaborates with industry on 3D metal printing using direct metal laser sintering, novel magnetic alloys for more electric vessels, leading edge blade corrosion and integrity, and novel self-healing coatings for marine and harsh environments. Dr. Hsiao's research interests also span into Entrepreneurship and Management facets; namely, strategic management in new product development, knowledge transfer of technology-based innovation, and analysis of new ventures in incubation and development. She enjoys and welcomes industrial collaborations related to accelerated corrosion testing, the engineering of novel coatings, and the characterization and selection of materials and optimization of material processes for various environments. Dr. Hsiao's depth of scholarly service focuses on engineering education, engineering leadership, and the development of a sustainability mindset in engineering graduates and in the engineering workplace.

Research Interests
  • Knowledge transfer of technology-based innovation
  • Analysis of new ventures in incubation and development
  • Strategic management in new product development
  • Materials science and engineering
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Sustainability mindset

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