Ann Braithwaite
Ann Braithwaite
Diversity and Social Justice
SDU Main Building 504
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Professor; 2021 3M National Teaching Fellow

BA (Concordia); MA (McGill); PhD (Rochester)

Ann Braithwaite is Professor in and Coordinator of Diversity and Social Justice Studies. Her current scholarly work focuses on questions of "disciplinarity" and its intellectual, pedagogical, and institutional consequences, especially as they impact Women’s and Gender Studies (the most common way to name this discipline). Her publications include: Everyday Women's and Gender Studies (co-authored with Catherine M. Orr, forthcoming Routledge 2016), Rethinking Women's and Gender Studies (co-edited with Catherine M. Orr and Diane Lichtenstein, Routledge 2012), and Troubling Women's Studies (co-authored with Susan Heald, Susanne Luhmann, and Sharon Rosenberg, Sumach Press 2005). Everyday Women's and Gender Studies is an "intro" text-reader that highlights six major concepts that structure much of the work in this field, using everyday examples to explicate their applicability for a variety of issues and topics. Rethinking Women's and Gender Studies explores the genealogies of key terms and concepts in WGS and challenges the narratives of the field established through their everyday usage. She has also published in journals such as Feminist Studies, Feminist Theory, and the Journal of International Women's Studies. Ann is past editor of Atlantis: Critical Studies in Gender, Culture, and Social Justice, in addition to being a frequent reviewer of WGS departments and programs in Canada.

Her other current interests include a project which explores how assumptions about temporality manifest themselves in current debates (and anxieties) around disciplinary institutionalization (especially program re-organizations and name changes), and a larger project exploring the institutionalization of “diversity.” Ann is the recipient of the 2014 AAU Ann Marie MacKinnon Educational Leadership Award, a 2012 UPEI Presidential Recognition of Merit Award, the 2008 UPEI Janet Pottie Murray Award for Educational Leadership, and a 2005 UPEI Hessian Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Research Interests
  • History of and current debates in Women’s Studies
  • Theories of disciplines/(inter)disciplinarity
  • Feminist theorizing – esp. third wave, post, feminism
  • Popular culture and representations of bodies and identities

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