Trung Dung Ngo

Trung Dung Ngo
Associate Professor
SSDE 324
Island Scholar
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Associate Professor

BSc (Vietnam National University); MSc (University of Southern Denmark); PhD (Aalborg University)

Research website:

Research Interests
  • Robotics and Intelligent Systems
  • Large-scale autonomous systems: optimization and control of multi-agent robotic systems, coordinated motion planning of dynamical systems including manipulators and mobile robots
  • Human-Robot Cooperation: human safety and comfort in human-robot shared workspaces, learning and cognitive control of service robots, human-robot swarm cooperation
  • Wireless Mobile Sensor Networks: co-optimization (communication-aware and mobility aware) of communication capacity, throughput, and delay in dynamic environments
  • Bio-inspired robotics: swarm robotics, hierarchical robotic systems, collective decision making, swarm intelligence
  • Modern artificial intelligence: intelligent building blocks, (self)-reconfigurable robots, tangible games, robotic arts
  • Ambient intelligence: modular sensor networks, intelligent devices for interactive spaces, IoT applications.
  • Embedded systems (biased to robotic principles): hw/sw co-design, implant healthcare devices
  • Problem-Based Learning: Intercultural Problem-based Learning (PBL), PBL in engineering


I have developed and been teaching the following courses at UPEI:

  • ENGN 3340 - Introduction to Mechatronics (2016, 2017)
  • ENGN 4350 - Advanced Robotic Dynamics and Control (2017, 2018)
  • ENGN 3380 - Real-time Embedded Systems (2018)
  • ENGN 3370 - Mechatronic System Integration and Interface Design (2017)

Research publications

Please see my Island Scholar Profile and publications on my lab website (

Student opportunities

I am always looking for motivated graduate students. Please go to open positions on my research lab website ( to see proper research topics. If you are interested in joining my research lab, please email me your cover letter, CV and your samples of research works.