Certificate in Marketing and Branding

Overview: For groups and organizations, specific and targeted marketing, as well as branding that is on point can be a source of success or failure for an initiative. However, not every group and organization can afford marketing firms to craft a message and get it out effectively to the public, and not every has the background to know how to do marketing and branding themselves.

If you or your organization is in this situation, or it has been a long time since you have delved into modern marketing and branding, The Certificate in Marketing and Branding is the perfect professional development. This Certificate program consists of three courses (two in-person and one virtually) and will explore the fundamentals of marketing and getting your message out, how to make the most of social media for marketing your organization, and why creating a positive brand for your organization is importation and how to do that effectively.

After completing the Certificate in Marketing and Branding, you will have the ability – based on information, real-world examples, and putting the learned knowledge into practice – to significantly improve both the brand identity and marketing ability of your group or organization and be able to achieve your growth goals.

Designed for: People with little background in marketing and/or branding, or little background in modern marketing and/or branding, who want to be able to create a brand and market effectively for their organization – whether it is small, large or volunteer.

Type of Delivery: Virtual and In-person.

Duration: Three courses for a total of twenty-one (21) hours.

Facilitators: Jennifer Paynter, Susan Graham.

Cost: $1,449 for the entire certificate; $449 plus HST for “Introduction to Marketing and Branding” and “Strategic Marketing and Branding,”; $599 plus HST for “Social Media Marketing.”

More information:

Certificate in Marketing and Branding flyer (.pdf)