Services which ITSS provides to the UPEI campus community

Service Service Description Service Category
Alumni and Advancement CRM (Raisers Edge) ​Alumni and Advancement CRM (Raisers Edge) is used by the Department of Development and Alumni Engagement to manage our relationships with alumni and donors, and to assist with our fundraising efforts. Alumni and Advancement
Campus Login ​Most people will be familiar with using Campus Login to change or reset a password. Depending on whether you are a student, faculty member, or staff the options presented are slightly different. Campus Login will be phased out and replaced with MyUPEI in 2017. Finance, Human Resources, and Procurement Systems,Student Information Systems
Veterinary Hospital Management System Hospital management solution providing scheduling, medical records, billing, stock control, client communications, etc. Medical and Health Systems
Google Apps Google Apps for Education is an email and calendar service. Google apps includes e-mail, calendar sharing, document sharing management as well as some other Google services. Google Apps can be more convenient as the service is used through your web browser - no additional application needs to be installed. Google Apps is also the default e-mail service for students at UPEI. Collaboration
Google Groups ​Google Groups is a component of Google Apps that provides virtually all of the capabilities of Mailman. Groups can also be used to share items in Google with groups of people -- just add them to a group, then share a calendar, document, folder, etc. with that group.  Groups can also be used to provide a collaborative inbox -- essentially an inbox that is shared with a group of people who can all respond to messages, flag requests as resolved, file messages by category, etc. Collaboration
Panthernet Panthernet is a free service that provides wireless access to the Internet while on campus. This allows Web surfing at high-speeds from most locations without plugging in network cables. Panthernet-Open is also available. See below for a description of the difference. Panthernet is available to students, faculty and staff in all academic buildings. However, Panthernet does not provide access to all campus computer resources. Specifically, you cannot access Novell Network folders (ie, M or H drives) and there is no printing access. Wireless will work on Windows 7 and Windows 8. Please ensure to have it up to date with relevant patches and updates. Many handheld devices are incompatible with the security features of PantherNet. If this is your experience, we recommend you use PantherNet-Open. Network
VPN Service The Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an application that allows UPEI faculty, staff and grad students access to campus based resources from off-campus.  The VPN service uses secure, encrypted connection via the Internet between your computer and the VPN server (located on the UPEI network). UPEI's VPN secures all communication to UPEI and back, even those connected through public wireless hotspots which maybe unsecure. Network, Network Access
National Research Network UPEI is connected to CANARIE's national high-speed network for research and education, also known as CA*net or CA*net4. Not only is UPEI connected, but we operate the point of presence (touch-down point) for the network on Prince Edward Island.  Through this network UPEI and other connected instutitions on the Island can access connected institutions in other Canadian provinces and territories and other countries through mutual exchange arrangements (""peering"" arrangements) with similar networks in other countries. You don't need to do anything special to use the CANARIE network on campus as our network equipment automatically directs traffic to and from the research network.  For example, if you type into your web browser the connection between your computer and the University of Toronto's web server is automatically made through the CANARIE network while a connection to a site such as would be made through UPEI's commercial Internet connection. In addition to basic network connectivity, CANARIE has a number of services that are available through its network. Research Administration Systems
eduroam Eduroam (EDUcation ROAMing) is a wireless network service that allows students, staff, and faculty to securely access the Internet while visiting other member sites. Users provide credentials (e.g. username and password) from their home institution and they are granted access. For UPEI users, your username is in the form of "" along with your password. Network Access
Network Printing Staff and Faculty do most of their printing through our network. Installing a printer is as easy as clicking on a web link. Printing
Microsoft Office The Microsoft Office suite of products is the campus standard for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations.  Our licensing with Microsoft provides these tools for all students, faculty, and staff on both University-owned computers and personal devices.  Microsoft Office comes pre-installed on University-owned computers (both office computers and student lab computers). For access to Microsoft Office 365 products on personal devices, Students, Faculty & Staff can register with Microsoft using their UPEI email addresses, here: Software Distribution
Adobe Acrobat Pro As UPEI moves further into the realm of the paper-free office and digitized document storage, PDF files have become increasingly popular.  While the Adobe Reader is installed on all UPEI computers, it is not capable of creating PDF files. For that, you need Adobe Acrobat Pro. Software Distribution
Statistical Analysis Software UPEI has a campus license for SPSS, SAS and Minitab. These software packages are installed on your office computer, only by request.  Some of them can also be installed on a laptop which can be used off campus. If that is your requirement, please let us know as the installation is a different process. Getting a new license code can sometimes be an issue. Most of these programs allow a grace period when the license runs out. Research Computing, Software Distribution
ESET Endpoint Security

ESET Endpoint Security is a comprehensive data protection tool. It provides anti-virus protection as well as protection against spam and network attacks. The application's components also enable users to protect their computers from unknown threats and phishing. When you receive a University desktop or laptop computer, ESET Endpoint Security will already be installed. The program is configured to check for updates several times a day, and will continue to update even when off campus, so long as there is an active internet connection. Unfortunatley, our current licensing agreement does not allow us to provide ESET Endpoint Security for installation on personal devices.

Moodle Learning Managment System UPEI uses moodle (abbreviation for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment), an open source on-line platform, to support teaching and learning on campus. Moodle gives faculty and students a web-based means of sharing course content, submitting assignments, conducting quizzes, communicating with and between students, and carrying out other course-based activities. Information in moodle is organized by course, and course information from our student information system is used to automatically create course spaces for each new semester as well as to automatically enroll students and faculty in their courses. Learning Management Systems
Scantron Optical Page Reader Surveys and assessments at UPEI often use "bubble sheets", also known as "multiple choice answer sheets". Those are paper sheets where you fill in a little dot to indicate your choice or answer. The Scantron Optical Page Reader is the machine used to scan the sheets, read the dots and compile the results. The scanner is located at the ITSS office, in the Atlantic Veterinary College building.  Access to the scanner is on a first come, first served basis and does not require booking. If you require bubbles sheets for an exam or other activity, please prepare an Internal Requisition form. The sheets cost $30 per bundle of 500. Advanced Applications
Server Hosting ITSS is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the University's core IT infrastructure, including the servers that provide IT services to the University community. ITSS can also provide server hosting (physical and virtual) for dedicated purposes such as research projects or specialized department needs. There are two datacenter locations on campus with controlled physical access, environmental control, alternate power with UPS, and most of the services offered in a modern datacenter. Data Center
Special Data Storage Requirements A​ll faculty, staff, and students have personal data storage reserved for them for day-to-day general use. If you have storage requirements that exceed the personal data storage limits, contact ITSS to discuss your needs. End-Point Support (Desktops, Mobile Devices, etc.),Server Infrastructure
Campus Telephone System The University of Prince Edward Island has its own Meridian PBX System Switch, which allows four-digit dialling across campus and necessitates dialling "9" for all off campus calls. Our PBX system permits certain restrictions and various programming features on all our locals, including voice mail capabilities, as well as internal and external call display. Telephony
Selecting and Purchasing New Equipment The University has specific requirements for computer equipment used on campus.  Price, quality of components, the availability and reliability of warranty all factor into the purchasing decisions made. End-Point Support (Desktops, Mobile Devices, etc.)
ITSS Depot ​The "ITSS Depot" is intended to make your computer equipment choices easier and reduce the time required to acquire computer hardware. ITSS stocks a small number of standard desktops, laptops, and flat-panel monitors that can be delivered and configured quickly and conveniently. The equipment we stock is suitable for the vast majority of campus computer needs. End-Point Support (Desktops, Mobile Devices, etc.)
MyUPEI UPEI's portal for students, staff and faculty. Services include:
  • Course scheduling
  • Registering for courses
  • Student financial accounts
  • Degree auditing
  • Transcript requests
  • Class petitions and waivers
  • Scholarships and awards
  • Submission of grades
  • Room bookings
Ellucian Recruiter Ellucian Recruit is a system used to manage relationships with our current and prospective students. Student Information Systems
LIMS 2.0 Laboratory Information Management System (2.0) used by the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at UPEI is currently under development by ITSS. Medical Health Systems
Active Directory Federated Services ADFS service for the Active Directory Domain. Provides federated services and identify management for UPEI Campus. IT Service Management, Network Access
Canadian Access Federation - IdP Used to allow UPEI members to authenticate to members sites of the Canadian Access Federation. For example, the ECN Sharepoint site uses this. Network Access
Shibboleth Identity Management Provider for Campus web services. Identity and Access Management
Bookstore Portal The Bookstore portal is an online bookstore which serves our student population. You can also purchase UPEI merchandise here. Auxiliary Systems
Residence Portal The Residence Portal allows students to apply for residence and view the status of their application. Auxiliary Systems
Campus Card System The Campus Card System provides a one card solution for UPEI students, staff, and faculty. Auxiliary Systems
Enterprise Reporting Service (CROA) Reporting and Operating Analytics helps UPEI to make data driven decisions and provides operational and strategic reporting across UPEI's business and academic systems.​​ Reporting and Analytics
Human Resources System ​Ellucian's Colleague HR system suports UPEI's Human Resources department. Finance, Human Resources, and Procurement Systems
Ellucian Colleague Student System ​The Colleague Student System is used by the office of the Registrar to recruit, engage, and support students throughout their academic experience at UPEI. Student Information Systems
Finance System Ellucian Colleague Financial system support our Finance department​. Finance, Human Resources, and Procurement Systems


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