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March 7, 2019

The Faculty of Graduate Studies is excited to invite everyone to come out and watch the 3 Minute Thesis competition on Tuesday, March 12th. The competition starts at 5:30 pm in 242 MacDougall Hall. There will be pizza at 5:00pm for anyone who is attending the 3MT. 

The 3MT is a skills development activity which challenges thesis-based graduate students to explain their research project to a non-specialist audience in just three minutes. Great prizes and lots of GREAT research.

Come out and support the Graduate Students competing and enjoy a fun-filled evening.

Speaker: Ashley McKibbon, Pathology and Microbiology
Title: Analysis of structural proteins of Atlantic salmon bafinivirus, a coronavirus of fish

Speaker: Vernon Ptycia-Lamky, Biomedical Sciences
Title: Natural Product Discovery from Bahamian Actinobacteria

This event is Tuesday, March 12 at 3:30 pm in AVC Lecture Theatre B. 

Selected first-year students are invited via their UPEI email to participate in the CUSC-CCREU 2019 Survey of First Year Students, along with students from more than 60 other Canadian institutions. Core areas covered by the survey include
• use of and satisfaction with various facilities and services
• experiences with faculty
• students’ academic profile
• financing education
• assessment of the overall university experience

First-year students are asked to check their UPEI email to see if they have received an invitation to participate in the survey. If so, they are asked to complete it as soon as possible. The survey will close in mid-April. Responses are confidential, and participation is voluntary. To learn more about the survey, visit

BlackBoard Collaborate is web conferencing software that allows instructors to do many things to engage with their students. Meet with your students online instead of face-to-face. Use it to record your teaching for days when your class has been cancelled so that your students don't miss out or fall behind. You can't stop snow days but your students' learning doesn't have to stop either. Come learn more about how easy it is to use this software in a workshop on Tuesday, March 12th from 10:30 to 11:30 am in Room 265 of the Robertson Library. REGISTER

Chartwells UPEI will be participating in the island-wide bake sale on Monday, March 11 for PEI's only shelter for companion animals. We will be selling cupcakes for $3 starting at 11am at Samuel's Cafe and the AVC Cafe with proceeds going directly to the PEI Humane Society!

If you want to customize a cupcake with an edible print of your pet, send a photo to by Saturday, March 9th.

A hackathon takes a creative and collaborative problem solving approach to addressing a real issue. In May-June, 2019, the Province of Prince Edward Island will be hosting the second annual public service hackathon, a 6-week case competition designed as a professional development opportunity that brings together multi-disciplinary teams of federal, provincial, municipal and private sector professionals working in PEI. In recognition of the value of experiential learning, the planning committee is offering one space on each of the ten teams to a UPEI student as an unpaid internship opportunity. The hackathon/internship carries 3-semester credit hours. Students must apply by March 31, 2019 by registering in ARTS 1050-1. For more information email

March 6, 2019

The Faculty of Science Graduate Studies Committee invites the campus community to a presentation by Victor Rafuse (Dalhousie University) entitled: "Strategies to restore useful motor function after severe nerve injuries"

This event is Friday, March 8 in Duffy Science Centre, room 204. Everyone is welcome.

UPEI's Executive MBA program hosts Information Session

UPEI’s Executive MBA program offers a high-quality learning experience for working business professionals. The program is designed for those working in, or aspiring to work, in a management or leadership position. Classes are offered bi-weekly on Fridays and Saturdays with the option to complete the program in 20 months.

Central to the program design is an evidence-based management approach which helps students develop the skills and knowledge to make better-informed and well-supported decisions both in the program and in applied situations in their workplaces.

To learn more about this exciting opportunity in business graduate studies, UPEI’s School of Business invites you to attend the following information session. Learn more about the program and application process, have your questions answered, and meet with staff from the School of Business.

Thursday, March 14
The Gallery, The Guild
5:00 pm

We encourage you to call (902) 566-6474 or email: to reserve a seat. For more information about UPEI’s Executive MBA program, please visit: or contact the MBA Coordinator at (902)566-6474.

The Academic Integrity Working Group launched the Academic Integrity Portal on the Robertson Library website Fall semester 2018. 

Our goal is that students and faculty may understand the importance of academic integrity, and be able to confidently apply this understanding to all aspects of their academic lives. The portal includes a variety of resources for both learning and teaching about academic integrity. 

A feature which may be of particular interest is our Academic Integrity Tutorial, which is an interactive video hosted on Moodle, teaching students the basics of plagiarism, citing, and paraphrasing. Completing the tutorial with correct answers will award students with the Academic Integrity Badge. By following the instructions on our Course Design page, faculty may set up their Moodle course so that assignment submissions are not allowed until the student earns the badge.
The portal can be accessed at the following url:

The Search Committee for the University Librarian position is posting the video presentations for candidates Donald Moses, Brenda Mathenia and Brad Eden. They can be viewed at the following link:

The committee welcomes your feedback on the three candidates and requests that it be forwarded by email to by 4pm on Wednesday, March 13th.

Scheduled Outage: DNS maintenance (March 13, 2018) beginning at 10 pm.
Current Status: Initial Posting
Campus Affected: UPEI Campus
Systems Affected: All
Outage Times: Mar 13 2019, 10:00 pm - Mar 13 2019, 11:59 pm 


On Wednesday March 13th, 2019, ITSS will be performing maintenance on our campus DNS servers between 10pm and Midnight. Devices on campus that are connected to wireless or the wired network may experience a delay when communicating with websites or services during this time. Off-campus access to UPEI websites and services will be unaffected. If you receive an error message and are unable to access a service during this window, please wait at least 5 minutes and try again until you are successful. If you have any questions, please contact the ITSS Help Desk at 902-566-0465.

The School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences welcomes the campus community to a public research presentation by Catherine Inibhunu, candidate for tenure track position in Data Analytics, on Monday, March 11th at 3:00 pm in Room 101 of the Cass Science Hall.

Presentation Title: Temporal Pattern Recognition in Time Series Data Streams and its Application in Critical Care

Abstract: In critical care, complex systems and sensors continuously monitor patients physiological features resulting in significant amounts of data generated every second. It’s an immense challenge for anyone trying to utilize this time oriented data when making critical decisions about care of the patients. Temporal abstraction and data mining are two research fields that have tried to synthesis time oriented data and bring out an understanding on hidden relationships that may exist between time oriented data. In clinical settings, having the ability to understand hidden relationships in time series patient data as they unfold could help save a life by aiding in detection of conditions that are not obvious to clinicians and healthcare workers. Various researchers have looked at techniques for generating abstractions from clinical data, however, the variety and speed of data streams generated in healthcare often overwhelms the current systems which are not designed to handle such data. Another attempt has been to understand the complexity in time-series data utilizing data mining techniques, however, existing data mining models are not designed to handle temporal relationships that might exist in time series data. To address this challenge, this research proposes innovative techniques and methodologies in temporal pattern recognition augmented with frequent pattern mining to understand temporal behaviors and relationships in time series data. The research premise is that discovery of any hidden relationships and patterns in underlying time series data would be valuable in building a classification system that can automatically characterize physiological data streams as they are generated. Such a characterization could help in detection of normal and abnormal behaviors in patients that might be associated with life threatening conditions.

All are welcome.

Please ensure that all outgoing mail is identified by department, this will help determine where the postage is to be charged.

The 2019 UPE/Holland College Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life, scheduled to take place on March 15, 2019 at UPEI at 6pm. As in prior years, the campus is supporting this event and our team are collecting pledges and selling Luminaries, if you would like to purchase a Luminary in memory or recognition of a loved one who is (was) affected by cancer, please see the staff listed below to fill out the required form. 

Luminaries are candles that are placed in special bags that bear the names of cancer survivors and loved ones who have lost their battle with cancer. These luminaries will be displayed during the entire duration of the relay and will be the feature of a special ceremony honoring all the caregivers who support(ed) individuals with cancer. Luminaries sell for $5.00. Payment by cheque, cash or credit card.

We are fortunate to have the following staff assisting us in selling Luminaries. Here is a list of staff/buildings who will be collecting funds until 11:00 am on Friday, March 15, 2019. Please see them to purchase Luminaries.

Dalton Hall - Jenna Gaudet - Room 209
Dalton Hall - Sondra Gantner - Room 308
Robertson Library - Pauline MacPherson - Room 287

Neuroscience Journal Club
Friday, March 8, 2019
3:00-4:00 pm, Duffy Research Ctr

The monthly meeting of the UPEI & Friends Neuroscience Journal Club will be held Friday, March 8th from 3-4 pm in the "Fishbowl" of the Duffy Research Centre (NRC). Our special guest will be Dr. Vic Rafuse, Director of the Brain Repair Centre at Dalhousie University. Dr. Rafuse will present a seminar in the Biology Department at 12:30 that day and join us for discussions about his work and potential interactions with the BRC. All faculty, staff and students with an interest in neuroscience research are welcome.


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