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The Peer Mentoring Program is a collaborative effort between the Department of Student Services, the Webster Centre and various academic departments on campus. The program aims to provide successful upper year students with the necessary training and opportunities to perform outreach aimed at helping other students maximize their potential. Candidates are screened for appropriate skills and attitudes and then go through a training process that will ensure they have the skills needed to work as successful mentors โ€“ knowledge of resources, active listening skills, structured problem solving techniques, and awareness of ethical obligations that come with helping positions. Mentors will then be provided with opportunities to work with various units on campus โ€“ in first year classes, with student services programs and with academic support units โ€“ acting as advisors, coaches and role models for students who are seeking to improve their university performance.

Peer Mentors should be proactive, academically successful, well organized, empathic students committed to using their time in the program to help other students. Consistent competency in both individual and group presentations, written communication, time management and confidentiality will be key to success in this program.

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