Refer a student for personal, academic, and career counselling

Faculty and staff with concerns about a student's personal, academic, and career paths may contact counselling services to make a referral on the student's behalf.

Before you begin: 
  • Try to discuss your concerns with the student, and let the student know counselling services are available.
  • Discuss the referral with the student. Surprise referrals and mandated referrals have a far lower rate of success than voluntary referrals.
Steps To Follow: 
Step 1

Obtain the student's UPEI ID number and schedule.

Step 2

Call Student Affairs and request an appointment with a counsellor (identify personal, academic or career counselling).

After you complete these steps: 

An appointment for the student will be made with personal, academic, or career counsellors.

Fine Print: 

Consider how you can keep the student as involved in the process as possible - the more this becomes their referral, the more likely they are to follow through with counselling. 

If the time available for an appointment seems too far off, you have the right to ask to speak to a counsellor about the emergent nature of your referral.  Since our counsellors are often in with a client, you may need to leave a message and have them call you back. If this is an emergency that warrants interrupting another client who is also dealing with their own personal distressing issues, you will need to be quite clear about the nature of that emergency.

Are you ok with your conversation with the counsellor disclosing your referral call with the student being referred? A counsellor’s obligation to confidentiality is to the client, not the referral source, and since keeping secrets impedes the trust building process it is highly unusual for a counsellor to conceal such information from a client. 

Be ready to let go. When you care enough to make a referral, it can be tough to be out of the loop after that about how counselling is going, but in order to preserve confidentiality, the counsellor cannot follow up with you to confirm attendance or tell you how things went.

Counselling services at Student Affairs is intended as a brief intervention. Certain longstanding, chronic personal issues may require longer term care.  While we are happy to provide initial response and support, these cases may, in turn be referred to other service providers in the community.

The contact for this service is:

(902) 566-6067
Contact UPEI