Live with a homestay family

UPEI’s Homestay placements are now being arranged through the UPEI International Student Office. From the moment you make an inquiry about becoming a UPEI student, to the moment you arrive on our beautiful Island, we want to provide you with friendly and helpful UPEI hospitality.

Before you begin: 

The UPEI Homestay Coordinator has inspected all of our host homes, and families have been interviewed to ensure a good fit for both student-visitors and families.

A Homestay is more than renting a room; host families are prepared to welcome students as members of the family and are eager to assist in learning English and sharing Canadian culture.

Homestay provides:

  • a “family-like” living arrangement;
  • a clean private room with three meals a day and access to home facilities;
  • transportation to and from UPEI once a day (unless within walking distance or on the bus line); and
  • an opportunity to practice your English.

Because Charlottetown is a small community, we often know the families on the Homestay list personally. Many of our host families have been successfully hosting UPEI students for years. PEI is a very safe, hospitable place.

If you are a registered UPEI student, read to learn more about Homestay

If you are interested in registering as a host family, read to learn more about hosting Homestay students.

The contact for this service is:

(902) 894-2850
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