Declare or change my program, major, or minor

Students must declare a major or minor to the UPEI Registrar, and apply to change their program, major, or minor by the end of their second year of study. Declarations may be changed at a later date.

Students may declare to the Registrar's Office their major area of study at any time up to the end of their 2nd year (after completing 48-60 semester-hours of course work); students in the Faculty of Science are required to declare a major by the beginning of their second year (after completing 21 to 45 semester hours of course work). Students can change their major at any time by completing the form in myUPEI, but they are encouraged to speak to an academic advisor in the appropriate department before doing so.

Although students must declare a major within a faculty within their first two years of study, they may change these declarations at a later date.

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