Challenge for course credit

Some academic programs at UPEI offer students the option to challenge for credit.

Challenge for credit by examination is available, by permission of the relevant Chair, to people who have been admitted to the University and who believe that they can meet the requirements of a course, under the following conditions:

  1. The course(s) for which credit is sought must be among those identified by the relevant academic unit as being open to challenge for credit (challenge for credit does not apply to; School of Business Administration, Department of Modern Languages, Department of Sociology/Anthropology, and Information Technology 111).
  2. No challenge for credit will be accepted when any attempt has been made within the previous ten years to earn credit in the course, or an equivalent course, whether by challenge or otherwise.
  3. Not more than ten credits (30 semester hours of credit) towards any degree may be earned by the challenge route.
  4. Application to the Registrar's Office must be made, and the appropriate non-refundable fee paid, for each course in which examination is sought (see section on "Fees"), at least one month before the start of the examination period or, for examinations to be held in late August or early September, by 15 July. Challenge for credit examinations normally are taken during the scheduled examination periods but, where appropriate, may be taken at a time to be scheduled during late August or early September.
  5. Challenge for credit examinations are special examinations that test the student on the content of the entire course. They are not necessarily the same as final examinations written by regular students. In certain courses, completion of laboratory/practical components may be required.
  6. A successful challenge results in a credit on the student's transcript with the notation “P”.  An unsuccessful challenge is not recorded on the transcript.

Challege for Credit by Examination form

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