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UPEI's Student Diversity Office (SDO) is a student directed office under the leadership of student coordinators, in association with Student Affairs and the Diversity and Social Justice Studies program. 

SDO operates out of Student Affairs, office number 266. Usual office hours are Monday 8-9, Tuesday 8-12, Wednesday 8-9, and Thursday 8-12.

We are mandated with promoting understanding of the complexities of identities of all members of the campus community, including students, faculty and staff. Our goals include challenging normative, oppressive assumptions by raising awareness of social justice issues. We foster a campus community focused on inclusivity, accessibility, and acceptance. Through hosting events, such as Rants & Raves, What Else is Sex, Mental Health Week's Lets Listen, and Difficult Dialogues, we encourage student engagement and discussion of social justice issues.

The Student Diversity Office encourages students to think critically as a way to better understand the variety of issues and concerns raised by the campus community. We Provide a space where community members can feel comfortable to engage with the coordinators about issues they feel are important.

If you have any questions about the UPEI SDO please contact us!

Facebook: studentdiversityofficeupei
Twitter: SDO_PEI
Instagram: UPEISDO

The contact for this service is:

(902) 439-3128
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