Jasmine Frizzell

Student Mentor
Student Affairs

I’m Jasmine Frizzell but my friends call me "Jas" or "Jazzy". I grew up in a little farm house in Oyster Bed, PEI. My major is Kinesiology and minor is Nutrition. My dream childhood career was to be a gym teacher, but now I’m not as set on a specific career choice but what I know for sure is I want to do something to help people stay fit and healthy. 

I enjoy doing all things that make you sweat. I have been doing hot yoga for the last five years and one day I hope to become a yoga instructor. I’m training for a half marathon right now and my goal is to do the Boston marathon in 2020. I love summer and beach days spent reading or swimming in the waves.

The trick to university is to schedule your time so you are never overwhelmed and can enjoy your weekends and down time. You are never alone in this; there are always people willing to help you—just be brave enough to ask!

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