Parental Involvement

What kinds of involvement can you expect from UPEI?
  • High school: Parents are invited to the school during events such as Meet the Teacher and Parent-Teacher Interviews.
  • UPEI: We have events on and off campus which are designed particularly with parents in mind such as Parent`s Sessions during Recruiting events (September - November), First Year Registration (May/June), Spring Orientation (May)  and Welcome Day (September).
  • High school: Parents help students with homework & assignments.
  • UPEI: Your role as a parent often shifts from helping with content and material and shifts more to a supportive role. Parent’s encourage their students to seek help from professors, tutors, or campus supports (Help Centres, Academic Coaches, Counselling, etc.)
  • High school: School links families to community resources, such as health, culture, tutoring, etc.
  • UPEI: Resources like this website inform parents about what supports are available to students on campus. Any appointments for students should be initiated by students. 
  • High school: School calls parents and guardians when student is not attending class or completing assignments.
  • UPEI: Based on the university’s confidentiality policy, staff and faculty are not permitted to discuss personal details with anyone other than the student themselves. 


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