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Academic Coaching

Academic coaching is an interactive process focused on you. It will help you reach your full academic potential, through confidential one-to-one meetings with one of the Webster Centre for Teaching and Learning staff.

How do you reach your academic potential?

Compare your situation now to where you want to be in the future. The "gap" is the bridge we build together. You can expect to grow, to take risks, and to challenge yourself, always assisted by an objective person who wants you to reach the other shore.

Who is academic coaching for?

Academic coaching is a free service offered as part of the PAS program and is open to anyone registered at UPEI.

  • If you are ready to make a change in your academic performance
  • If you want to get to the root of your academic challenges and work to solve them
  • If you need help handling the transition from high school to university
  • If you feel stuck, stalled or drifting in your academic performance
  • If you feel you are not working to your full potential, but do not know how to achieve it

Then come in, make an appointment and start. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step.” - Confucius

What you will do in your first 30 minute session:

  1. A clearer picture of exactly what you want and why
  2. A better understanding of what is holding you back
  3. An assessment of the support required to help you reach your goals
  4. A strategic plan of action

Contact us today -

Anne Bartlett
PAS Coordinator
Webster Centre for Teaching and Learning
(902) 894-2835

Aboriginal Student Association

The Aboriginal Student Association is a student advocacy and support system for Aboriginal students who attend UPEI: a voice for Aboriginal students. This year, the ASA has been formally grounded and plans to continue to thrive! By being a member of the Aboriginal Student Association, you have the opportunity to meet a lot of great Aboriginal students both on and off of campus. The ASA provides students with a culturally supportive environment. The Aboriginal Student Association’s goal is to provide cultural awareness to UPEI while building capacity within the Aboriginal community and academic community. The hope of the ASA is to provide cultural awareness surrounding Aboriginal issues as well as organize social activities for our students. By having more students involved and being eachother’s shoulder to lean on, we hope that students will be successful in their academic studies.

If you have any questions/comments about the Aboriginal Student Association, feel free to contact us.

Enoo Sudlovenick
Aboriginal Student Association

Mawi'omi Centre

The word Mawi'omi means “gathering place” in Mi’kmaq. This name was chosen after consulting with Mi’kmaq Elders from the community. The idea of having such a physical area on campus is to provide students with support (talking circles), a place to study and relax between classes, and host events/meetings while attending UPEI.

Support services that the centre offers includes the following:

  • Mentoring and tutoring
  • Assisting with course selection
  • Assisting with registration/university related issues
  • Assisting with finding funding, employment, volunteer, and other opportunities
  • Assisting with finding resources (on or off campus)
  • Providing referrals if needed

Aboriginal Student Scholarships

If you need assistance with something not listed above, feel free to drop by Kelley Memorial Building, room 236, or contact Sherri Russell, Aboriginal Academic Advisor at by phone at (902) 620-5125. We will do what we can to help.

You can also visit our Facebook page to connect with other students.

Sherri Russell
Coordinator Mawi'omi Aboriginal Student Centre
Student Affairs
(902) 620-5125

Graduate Student PAS

Many graduate students find writing a thesis the most daunting component of a graduate program. The PAS Graduate Studies Series aims to assist graduate students and post-doctoral fellows in approaching this task with confidence.

The online and in-classroom workshops are intended to assist graduate students in all disciplines. Well-written research papers have defined structures, allowing the reader to focus on the material rather than trying to determine the structure. There will be aspects of your writing requiring discipline-specific conventions. However, the principles and material covered in these workshops can be applied in all areas.

The 1-hour Graduate Studies Series workshops are FREE and open to all current and potential graduate students as well as post-doctoral fellows. Contact us for additional information and upcoming events.

Anne Bartlett
Program Coordinator
Webster Centre for Teaching and Learning
(902) 894-2835

Student Success Program 101

The Student Success Program 101 (SSP 101) will help you systematically develop your study skills.

Who should enrol in this program?

Any UPEI student who is not receiving the marks they would like may enroll in this program – it is open to the university community. Students are either referred to SSP 101 as a condition of their academic probation, or register voluntarily as a means to improve their study skills. SSP is not a punitive program – it is designed to give immediate help through study strategies, identification of learning styles and connecting students to other supports and resources on campus. Class enrollment is limited to 25 students promoting student engagement on campus through small group discussions/activities with students from different faculties and years of study.

Fees and registration

SSP 101 is a non-credit, ten-week course. It is taken in addition to the number of credit courses students may be restricted to by the Registrar's Office or be required to take for student loan purposes. In other words, SSP 101 is not factored into determining whether a student is full-time or part-time. Instead it is taken in addition to the student's credit course load. SSP 101 is, however, considered a legitimate educational cost by the PEI Student Loan program.

To register for Student Success Program 101, simply go online as you would any other course and select the section that works best for your schedule. Visit the Accounting Office site for fee information.

Here’s what former students had to say…

“SSP allowed me to feel a personal connection with my peers as well as my instructor and… to realize that I am not alone, that other people make mistakes too… SSP made me feel like someone cared, like someone actually cared who I was and how I was doing.”

“I was tempted to take a year off after last semester, but now after taking SSP I am more confident I can do well and I want to come back next year.”

“Thank you for the ideas, suggestions and time spent in helping me do better. This was a great class.”

“I would highly recommend the Student Success Program to all students: students who need it, students who don’t, and students who have no idea either way. The structure of the class is fantastic, lots of variety, from group discussion and interaction to personal reflection to information given in the form of accessible lectures and guest presenters. Single handily this class was responsible for turning my attitude around about school, getting me motivated, and giving me the tools to succeed in the goals I set for myself. I learned organizational skills, discovered my learning style, developed note taking abilities and how to manage test stress to name a few. To find a class where a teacher actually wants to listen to what you say and cares about what you’re saying is an uncommon experience in “my having attended three different universities” opinion. If this was a mandatory class for all students I truly believe that all would learn something useful and applicable- something that would benefit not only scholastically but also personally. You would be surprised how far a little change in attitude goes.  A rare gem of a class!

A Third Year, Smooth Organized Sailing, Highest Grade Average In My life, Scholarship Getting, Arts Student.”


Anne Bartlett
PAS Coordinator
Webster Centre for Teaching and Learning
(902) 894-2835

Pathways (PAS)

Pathways to Academic Success (PAS), founded in 2008 continues to grow and develop offering responsive and personalized academic support to the UPEI community. Should you have any questions please stop by, or drop us an email, we’ll be happy to help.


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