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Student Confidentiality Policy

All students at UPEI are protected by provincial and federal laws concerning access to information and protection of privacy. This means that student records and information can only be accessed by the student themselves, and university personnel in the legitimate pursuit of their occupational duties. We respect student privacy and will not release the following personal information:

  • registration status
  • grades/marks
  • visits to counselling and health services
  • disciplinary information
  • financial information

Career - Special Needs Assistant Positions

Completing a UPEI Award Recipient "Thank You" Form

If you've recently received an award or scholarship as a UPEI student, congratulations! You should be very proud!

Nearly all scholarships at UPEI are supported by private donors who gave of their own funds so that you could receive a monetary award. This person or organization wanted to help you succeed in your UPEI post-secondary experience. The most meaningful way to thank your generous donor is to tell them something about you and, most importantly, to say "thank you".

That's what you do when you complete the UPEI Award Recipient “Thank You Form”. The information you provide in the form is used to create a donor report that is sent directly to the donor of your scholarship or award. We have had many donors tells us that these reports mean the world to them, so please complete your form with care and attention. A report from you reinforces UPEI's efforts to assure our donors that their support is appreciated, and it encourages them to continue their support for future students. You can find the Thank You Form options below, based on your current student status:

If you need help completing your form, we're here to assist you. Just contact Rosie in Donor Relations at or call (902) 894-2865 and she will be pleased to guide you through the completion of your form!

International Application Information

Apply to UPEI!

Create a UPEI account and apply for future study.

When can I apply?

Students can apply to UPEI from Grade 11 or 12 with their transcripts. They can receive "early offers" that will allow them to prepare for visa applications in advance. If you do not have TOEFL or IELTS test results, or if your results are lower than 80/6.5 please check out our English Academic Preparation (EAP) program.  

English-language proficiency requirements

Transfer students

UPEI welcomes qualified transfer students. In addition to official transcripts from your previous universities or colleges, we also need your brief course outlines or descriptions in English to determine the number of credit hours that can be transferred.

Program-specific admission requirements

Academic performance requirements

UPEI recognizes a strong academic performance at the high school level as an indicator for university potential. The University is interested in applicants possessing a strong academic record and a high level of commitment for university study. International students should submit documents that prove that their qualifications are comparable to that of Canadian applicants. Students should have 12 years of elementary and secondary education with a high school diploma, or a Senior Secondary Certificate, Higher Secondary School Certificate, or other forms of matriculation.

Country-specific admission requirements


All tuition and fee information can be found on our Finance department website. Tuition and international fees are the same for EAP courses as for credit courses. Fees are subject to change.

Read about entrance scholarships for academic excellence available to international students. 

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Admission Requirements

Find out about admission requirements for all programs at UPEI. Some UPEI programs have specific admission requirements; requirements for these programs are sorted by undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs.


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