Mandate and Mission

The MAPUS Mandate

MAPUS originated in 1983 as a means of providing mature and part-time students with a voice on campus and a place to gather. MAPUS has been recognized as a significant part of UPEI with seats on the Senate and Student Council.

MAPUS is dedicated to ensuring that mature and part-time students at UPEI have a positive experience. This is accomplished by maintaining a lounge where students are welcomed and feel comfortable, offering services and activities specific to their needs, providing a staff resource person to assist students, and acting as an advocate for all mature and part-time students at UPEI.

MAPUS Mission Statement
adopted April 5, 2007

MAPUS is dedicated to enriching the university experience of mature and part-time student members by providing an advisory, supportive, and social environment.  MAPUS also provides representation for members to university administration and other organizations on campus.

Our Constitution and Bylaws

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