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Continuing Education and Support

In less than half a generation, learning has ceased to be something that is “completed” in one’s youth. The increased demand for knowledge workers, the rapid changes in the workplace, the need to change one’s career an average of five times and recognition that the benefits of learning go well beyond the economic returns have all meant that university is no longer the domain of young adults.

Mature students come to UPEI for many reasons:

  • To kick start their career
  • To make a life change
  • For workplace advancement
  • For interest
  • To keep their minds alive

There are many ways to study at UPEI; taking a full degree, diploma or certificate from scratch is just one option. Some take a course or two to test their suitability for a return to study; some take a course for interest or to help with their work; and some transfer in with a number of credits, so they can shorten the time needed to complete a credential. UPEI has introduced Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR), specifically to allow adults with experiential learning to gain recognition for it, and reduce the number of credits they need to complete programs. People interested in PLAR may also be interested in the Bachelor of Integrated Studies degree.

We also offer co-operative education programs and career services assistance. 

If you are thinking about taking courses at UPEI, but have not made up your mind, we can help you with your decision.

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